Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

The Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc.

Promoting Fiber Art in New Mexico

It's a Jungle Out There by A. Foster

Water Lillies by C. Fluegge

Tundra by K Green-Hammond

Tumbling Diamonds by S. Townsend

Pride by M. Black

Empty Cross by M. Bowley

Broken Twill Duster Coat by R. Vigil

Hecate's Garden by S. Wolfersperger

Luna Luminosa by D. Yi

Santorini by J. Borman

Cozy Window Cross Stitch by L. Rogers

Queen Isabella's Netted Bracelet from the Depths by P. Verrell

4 Seasons by N. Pierce

Silver Star Sunset by E. Stack

Rose Necklace by K. Elrick

Welcome to the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council website. Below we present information about our organization. You will also find explanations about the various tabs that will help you easily and quickly find what you need. AND you will find dozens of beautiful photos of fiber artwork and fiber events.

Council Board members are drawn from the guilds' membership. The Council Mission Statement and current Board Officers and Directors are listed at Council Board.

The Council funds individual and guild scholarships annually. Currently, these scholarships are: New Mexico Resident Scholarship, Heritage Scholarship, Guild Member Scholarship, Youth Scholarship, and Guild Funding. Information and applications can be found at Scholarship/Guild Funding Applications. Previous scholarship winners are presented at Award Winners.

The electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter (eFAN) is a component of the Council's ongoing efforts to publicize and encourage interest in the fiber arts. We publish a monthly electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter (eFAN) of events and exhibits in New Mexico. At Fiber Arts Newsletter, you can read the latest issue, as well as back issues. To have the eFAN emailed directly to you, complete the eFAN Subscription.

The Fiber Arts Fiesta is the Council's main fiber art exhibit and is presented biennially in odd years with the cooperation of the Council's 19 participating guilds. It's a three-day event full of color and excitement. For Fiesta 2017, we had almost 700 beautiful entries and 65 fantastic vendors, as well as classes, and guild and vendor demonstrations. Fiesta 2019 will be the twelfth show.

Under the Fiesta tab, there are several sub-tabs. The Call for Entries tab will provide information on the different divisions, categories, and awards (or photos of previous entries, depending on whether a Fiesta is coming up or has just ended). Classes are offered at every Fiesta. A listing of classes for the next Fiesta is presented, or photos of the previous classes. The Featured Artist and Special Exhibit & Events tabs will have information and photos for the next or previous Fiesta. We list the 65-70 Vendors that we have at each Fiesta.

The Fiber Arts Education Committee offers opportunities in keeping with the Council's educational mission, such as exhibits at libraries, the airport, and other public venues. Find more about the Education Committee at Education.

Additionally, the Education Committee has three fiber arts Storyboards available for educational purposes. And the committee provides listing of artists who have expressed a willingness to teach their art (Guild Teacher Listing) or give demonstrations of their art (Guild Demo/Prog. Listing).

The Spring Show is a relatively new show (begun in 2016) and is held biennially in even years. Around 200 items are showcased, and demonstrations go on all day for two days. This show does not have items for sale. Application for entry and other information/photos about the show are found at Spring Show. See the carousel for some of the beautiful entries in the 2018 Earth Wind & Fiber show last April.

The Participating Guilds elect or appoint representatives to participate in the Fiesta Committee, and the Educational Committee or Marketing Committee planning meetings. The Council currently has nineteen participating guilds. Some of the guilds provide an annual calendar of their meetings. To learn more about the individual guilds and how to contact them, go to Guilds.

There are many Fiber-related Events throughout each year. We provide information about upcoming events, classes, workshops, and other opportunities, as well as call for entry information. To see what's happening in the fiber world, click on Events and Opportunities. And you can also find photos about past events at Past Events.

Finally, you can find information about and links to other Fiber Art Guilds and Organizations, and commercial enterprises. New Mexico Arts Division can be found at Other Fiber Links, and guilds and organizations can be found at Other Guilds. PLEASE BE AWARE that "Other Opportunities" has been moved from Events to Other Resources (Under Other Fiber Arts Links) and features commercial enterprises. If you are a commercial enterprise and would like our website to provide a link to your website, please send an email to


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