Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council

The Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc.

Promoting Fiber Art in New Mexico

Spiney Oyster Tabs by S. Greenfield

Teal Lace Dress by D. Yi

"I'm Late" by S. Baumgartner

Birds by P. Cilke

Latvian Mittens by K. Porter

It's a Blue Evening by C. Ellis

Sidonie von Borchk by B. Lower

Burrito by M. Black

Bueno by K. Elrick

Lichen by B. Busby

Southwest Visions by M. Lamott

All Buttoned Up by L. Ashcraft

Moth Ruana by C. Fluegge

Emerge by K. Hamill

Dragon Pants by S. Davidson

Flamenco Dancer b E. Lewis



The Fiber Arts Fiesta is the Council's main fiber art exhibit and is presented biennially in odd years with the cooperation of the Council's 19 participating guilds. It's a three-day event full of color and excitement. For Fiesta 2017, we had almost 700 beautiful entries and 65 fantastic vendors. 2017 BEST of SHOW (for judged entries) and VIEWERS' CHOICE (for non-judged entries) are showing in the carousel above.

The Fiber Arts Education Committee offers opportunities in keeping with the Council's educational mission. Their main exhibit is the Spring Show, where around 200 items are showcased, and demonstrations go on all day for two days. This show does not have items for sale.

Additionally, the Education Committee has three fiber arts storyboards available for educational purposes. Click Here for further information about the Education Committee. And, learn about other Fiber Arts Exhibits.

The Participating Guilds elect or appoint representatives to participate in the Fiesta Committee and Educational Committee planning meetings.To learn more about the individual guilds, go to Guilds.

Council Board members are drawn from the guilds' membership. The current Board Officers and Directors are listed at Council Board.

The electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter (eFAN) is another component of the Council's ongoing efforts to publicize and encourage interest in the fiber arts. We publish a monthly electronic Fiber Arts Newsletter (eFAN) of events and exhibits in New Mexico. At Fiber Arts Newsletter, you can read the latest issue, as well as back issues. To have the eFAN emailed directly to you, complete the eFAN Subscription.

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